Effortless Home Improvement™

Effortless Home Improvement™

What our clients are saying about us...

Mike Broyles

Great work! We hired Olga & Ron to design and remodel our master bathroom. We were initially hesitant since most contractors and designers in the area showcase very traditional remodeling work - it's much more prevalent around here. We have a more contemporary and modern style, and within seconds of meeting Olga we clicked. She was excited by something different and relished the process of getting us exactly what we wanted. Ron was available and responsive to all our needs during the building process. All of the contractors and subs were professional, courteous and respected our privacy and property. When the noise made our dog jump the fence, they tracked him down and brought him home every time. We'll bring them back to remodel our guest suite and home office. I can't believe we didn't hire them sooner!

Liz L, Lodi CA

I could not let the opportunity go by without sending you a note about how pleased and elated I am with my kitchen and family room remodel. Your entire organization was so professional and made a difficult process so easy and actually enjoyable. I have nothing but high praises for your company, for the quality work and for your employees. Everyone who worked on my project were friendly, efficient, true craftsmen who took an interest and made sure that quality was displayed. I also appreciate the fact that each day they completely cleaned up before they left. Your company is extremely well run and I will highly recommend it to everyone who would like to remodel anything in their home. I especially want to thank Geri, Doug, Aaron, [Carl], Noah, Mike, the painter, the texture guys, the floor gentlemen, Doug the tile man, the cleaning crew and Ron for laying out the plans and the flooring. Thank you and I will be back to see you next year to re-do the bathrooms.

Elaina M

We found Doug to be extremely professional, conscientious, helpful, and of course, knowledgeable. I relied on his expertise and judgment several times throughout our project. He truly does your company justice and represents you well throughout his dealings with clients as well as subcontractors. I would like to say how I have enjoyed the process of this project. I now have a kitchen I love being in… The contractors have all been professional, courteous, and enjoyable to work with. Each and everyone seemed to take pride in their work product.

Charlene D, Stockton

I think I have the most beautiful bathroom ever. What an experience that was... and an education.
Thank you for your guidance, follow-through, diplomacy and honest opinion. I appreciate what I learned from you and Ron.

Mary N, Stockton

I absolutely LOVE everything that was done and appreciate all the help and hand-holding you and all the guys did...

Gary Jane V, Acampo

Thank you so much for making life easier for me by putting everything together to fast.

Dale N, Stockton

Thanks for everything. From the master plan to the implementation to the final
results. For all of your "legwork" and the sharing of your personal time and efforts. For
all of your thoughtfulness along the way! I still have a hard time realizing that this is
really my kitchen in my house. I feel like I have walked into a living magazine like
Architectural Digest!

Randy and Cathy Siegmund, Lodi CA

You are the Best. Love our new bathroom and bedroom!! As this card speaks, you went above and beyond!!!

Dottie B, Lodi CA

Elaine did an absolutely fabulous job of anticipating my design expectations and went above and beyond helping with every detail of my renovation. From space planning to color planning and finding the perfect décor items, she was indispensable! She kept us within budget and gave me a bathroom that I am thrilled with.

Timothy and Jacquelyn Cox, Lodi CA

Your selection of materials far outweighs any other flooring service we have visited in the area. Justine was professional, yet responsible for helping us select just the right tile, this done with much patience, I might add. The systematic and organized procedure of the labor itself was fast since you afforded a team of four hard workers to remove the tile and a very experienced and qualified lead who knew his business! The outcome was exceptional.

Kellie Alegre, Lodi CA

[our new kitchen] is everything I hoped it would be and it is now where everyone hangs out.

Lynn TS, Modesto CA

I get overwhelmed when I even think about decorating so I asked Classic Design for help.
They made the process of selecting knobs for my bathroom so easy and effortless it was a joy.
They asked me to take pictures of my cabinets, gave me 3 different knobs to choose from, and in days they were at my door. I am so appreciative. Thank you!

Mayvis K, Lodi CA

We love the floor! The guys that did the work were wonderful…what good workers.
Thanks so much for the great service!

Christi W

I just had to let you know that the wonderful flooring and carpeting that you guided me to select a couple years ago for our Tamarack cabin has survived a bear break-in!!!
Marty and I discovered the mess on Friday night. The bear smashed through the glass sliding door, gently moved the vinyl roller shade (which I got through you, too) aside and went straight for the refrigerator and pantry cabinets. He opened the refrigerator and freezer, helped himself to some ice
cream and butter. Then he opened the pantry cabinets and got into oatmeal, cereal bars, pancake mix and honey. Then he broke the liquor cabinet door and got into a big bag of pistachios, which he patiently shelled and ate the meats.
The Mannington vinyl flooring was covered in muddy bear paw prints, puddles of honey, nut shells and crumbs, torn up cardboard containers, peanut butter and just overall stickiness. The carpet was littered with broken glass, crumbs, cardboard pieces, paper food wrappings, nut shells and a big round circle of melted vanilla ice cream. After some scrubbing, vacuuming and using a rental carpet cleaner, all the flooring looks just like new!

Michelle and Kevin Kruse, Lodi CA

The quality of work is second to none and we are very pleased with the results. It is everything we had hoped for.